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Chico Anysio dies. He was the greatest comedian in the World since Charles Chaplin

Chico Anysio: biography in an automatic translation by Google...

Morreu às 14h52 o maior humorista do planeta Terra, morreu o Charles Chaplin da Segunda Metade do Século 20. Eu vi Chico Anysio uma única vez ao vivo, em 2004, no Bar do Toim, Leblon, casa cheia. O espetáculo tinha algo estranho, sem humor, as partes em que Chico convidava a plateia a cantar com ele alguns clássicos da MPB, um karaokê coletivo, porque as letras das canções iam passando num telão. Passei mal com o espetáculo. Jurei que nunca mais veria Chico ao vivo, algo totalmente diverso do humor da TV visto pelo Brasil inteiro. Ao vivo, você corre o risco de literalmente morrer por falta de ar, as gargalhadas surgindo de dentro da gente de uma forma nunca imaginável antes. Medo literal de sucumbir a uma síncope. Só sobrevivi porque Chico Anysio entremeou as piadas com aquele ritual romantico de karaoke... Era uma generosidade, só pra gente poder respirar. E o ponto alto foi a canção que ele fez pro Rio antigo, parceria com Nonato.... Enfim, sobrevivi cumprindo o meu juramento. . Se o visse de novo ao vivo, sem a pausa das canções, eu teria morrido de tanto tir, morrido mesmo, como ele morreu hoje.

O Brasil não vai ficar mais triste porque ele partiu. E para repartir a nossa compreensão da grandeza do artista multimidia, segue um resumo de sua biografia numa tradução cômica para o ingles feita a jato por esse motor chamado Google Translator. Ei-la>

He died today at 14h52. He was the greatest comedian of Earth. He was our Charles Chaplin in the Second Half of 20th Centuryt.  . I saw Chico Anysio live show only once, in 2004, the Bar
  Toim, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, full house. The show was something strange, humorless, at those moments in which  Chico  invited the audience to sing with him a few classics of popular Brazilian songs, a collective karaoke, because the lyrics were passing on a screen. I was feelin bad  with the show. I swore I would never see Chico in a live show, something completely different mood seen on TV all over Brazil. I the theater, you run the risk of literally die from lack of air, the laughter coming from within us in a way never before imaginable. Literal fear of succumbing to a stroke. Only survived because Chico Anysio made pauses in jokes with that romantic ritual of karaoke ... It was a generous decision, just so we can breathe. And the highlight was the song that he made to Old Rio with partnership of Nonato composer .... Anyway, I survived fulfilling my oath. . If you see him live again, without pausing songs, I would have died of both tir, even died, as he died today.

Brazil is not going to be sad because he left. And to share our understanding of the greatness of multimedia artist, let's see a summary of his biography in a comic translation into English made ​​by this jet engine called Google Translator. Here it is>

Chico Anysio: biography in an automatic translation by Google...

Anysio Francisco Paula de Oliveira Filho, known as Chico Anysio (Marazion, April 12, 1931), was a comedian, actor, writer, composer and Brazilian painter, notorious for his numerous paintings and comedy programs on TV Globo, which had a contract until 2012.
Chico Anysio worked alongside, or even driving, the biggest names of Brazilian humor on radio or television, as Paul Gracindo, Grande Otelo, Costinha, Walter Avila, Joe Smith, Renato Corte Real, Agildo Ribeiro, Ivon Curi, among many other brilliant comedians.


Chico Anysio moved with his family to Rio de Janeiro when he was six years old. He started in radio at Radio Guanabara, where he worked several functions: radioator, football commentator, etc.. Participated in the program Renato Murce carbon paper. He worked in the 1950s, the radio "Mayrink Veiga," "Club Club of Pernambuco and Brazil. In popular movies of the 50s, Chico went on to write dialogues and eventually worked as an actor in films of Atlantis Film.

Rio debuted on TV in 1957, the Gala Night. In 1959, opened the program only has so much, launched by Joaquim Silverio de Castro Barbosa, later called Total Chico. In addition to writing their own texts and interpret the radio, television and film, always with fine humor and intelligent, Chico ventured with the emphasis on sports journalism, theater, literature and painting, and has written and recorded some songs.


    Hymn to the musician .... From: Chico Anysio, Nancy Wanderley and Chocolate

It was the opening theme of your program Chico Anysio Show on TV Excelsior, TV Globo Rio and TV, and theatrical performances, such as the Gymnastic Portuguese in Rio in 1974, accompanied always by Brazilian guitarist Manuel da Conceição, the "hand cow. "

    Rancho Square XI .... From: Chico Anysio Roberto Kelly and John .... Recording: Dalva de Oliveira

The music made great success in the fourth centenary carnival in Rio de Janeiro in February 1965.

    Multiple hits with his partner Arnaud Rodrigues, recorded on discs and used in the "Bahia and New Caetanos" in Chico City.
Since 1968 is connected to TV Globo, where he achieved the status of a star "cast" which featured the most famous artists from Brazil, and also thanks to the relationship of mutual admiration and respect he established with the executive Boni. After leaving the Globe Boni 90 years, Chico gradually lost space in the schedule, a situation aggravated by an accident in 1996 that fractured his jaw.

In 2005 made participation in the Yellow Woodpecker Ranch, where she played "Dr. Scott" and recently participated Sinha's novel Girl in Rede Globo.
He is the father of actor Lug de Paula, marriage with actress and comedian Nancy Wanderley, also the comedian and director Nizo Neto image Rondelli Rico, the union with actress and showgirl Rondelli Rose, Andrew Lucas, who is the adopted son; DJ Clark Cicero, the relationship with the former frantic Regina Clark, and actor / writer Bruno Mazzeo, the marriage to former model and actress Alcione Mazzeo.

He also had two more children with the former Minister Zelia Cardoso de Mello, Rodrigo and Victoria. He is the brother of actress Lupe Gigliotti, who now works in the opposite in several television; filmmaker Zelito Viana, and industrial, composer and former radio producer Paula Elano. It is also the uncle of actor Marcos Palmeira, actress and director Cininha Paula's uncle and grandfather of actress Maria Maya, daughter of Cininha with actor and director Wolf Maya.

He is married to businesswoman Malga Di Paula.


    1973/80 - Chico City .... various characters
    1982/90 - Chico Anysio Show .... various characters, Final Editor and Creative Supervisor
    1984 - The Trapalhões .... Special Guest for Season Reestreia Program
    1989 - King What am I? .... Taji Namas
    1990/02 - Reality of Professor Raimundo .... Professor Raimundo, Editor and Supervisor Final Creation
    1990/91 - The Trapalhões .... Supervisor Creation
    1991 - City of Chico Anysios States .... various characters and Creative Supervisor
    1995 - Total .... Chico various characters, Creative Editor and Supervisor
    1995 - cute, Her Loves and Her Sins .... seller of caskets
    1999/02 - Total .... Dolly Roberto Alberto / Professor Raymond / Dr. Rossetti
    1999 - Terra Nostra .... Baron Joshua Medeiros
    1999 - The Beauty and the Beast .... various characters
    2002 - Brave .... Detective Brito / Blind
    2004 - The Diarista .... Rubio
    2005 - Woody Woodpecker Ranch Yellow .... Dr. Scott
    2006 - Missy Girl .... Everaldo
    2007 - Foot in Jaca .... Gypsy
    2008 - Framed .... Rep. Sandoval
    2008 - War and Peace .... Holy Father
    2009 - Passage to India .... Namit Batra
    2009 - Chico and Friends - .... various characters
    2009/10 - Total .... Dolly Roberto Alberto / Fair Verissimo / Benedict Carneiro
    2011 - Chico and Friends .... various characters


    1981 - The Magical World of Trapalhões .... Narrator
    1996 - Tieta .... Ze Esteves
    2009 - If I Were You 2 .... Olavo
    2009 - Up - High Adventure .... Carl Fredricksen (dubbing)
    2010 - Professor A Very Silly .... Monsignor Aristides


The following list shows the relationship of the characters created by comedian Chico Anysio.

Character Description Catchphrases
Albarde Albarde Cricket da Silva is a neurotic patient who does not leave the office of the analyst. ""
Roberto Alberto Actor and talk show host, it is considered a sex symbol. Use lace cap on her head and often challenges his interviewees with a "why". His stardom often takes seriously the director of From Julia (Lucio Mauro). [1] "Do not garavo!"
"I am a símbalo sescual."
Albino An albino subject considered by all a crazy, always be trying to bite his own ear. But actually, it's who always has the most logical answers to several issues. "Hum! After that I'm crazy?"
Al Cafone Albertino Cafone Schiaro is a Brazilian gangster [2] who runs the local mafia and attempts to eliminate competition at any cost, with the help of his henchmen Sarro and Nicotine. "So it was you, huh? Huh?"
Antonio Benjamin Alfacinha Alfacinha is a salesman, born in Lisbon. Benfica supporter, lives knocking on doors trying to sell their exotic products. Always offer your business card to people. "Antonio Alfacinha. Here is my card."
Alfano Director of a firm engaged in business always confused. ""
Apollo Apollonius Strong lives unhappy with his marriage to Miss Purity (Sandra Pera / Claudia Jimenez), a nymphomaniac wife. "Still ... that hill!"
"I'm prejudiced."
Paul Maurice Azambuja Azambuja Rio is a trickster, who played football Bonsucesso and participated in a youth music group. Lives in partnership applying strokes of Sausage (Wilson Grey) and is the son of Dona Lupicina (Haydee Fernandez). "I'm with you and do not open!"
"Smash the mouth of the balloon!"
"Are you naughty, naughty ... okay!"
Badé Mangaio Market Vendor who knows the life of all residents of Chico City. ""
Satire Baiano the singer Caetano Veloso. Integrated set of Bahia and New Caetanos alongside Paulinho Boca de Prophet (Arnaud Rodrigues). "Fine ... I'm just fine. Knowing Yeah, Paulinho ...?"
Flag Taxi Driver "People very fine!"
Bento Bento Valdevino Carneiro Carneiro is a vampire born in Brazil. With a hillbilly accent, he introduces himself as "that which comes from below the well, which adonde veve the dead" [3]. He lives in his castle with his hunchbacked assistant Calunga (Lug de Paula). Never able to scare someone, instead, is a vampire scared and malnourished. "Benedict Carneiro, Brazilian ... pzztt vampire!"
"It took, Papudo?"
"It believed neu if finouce."
"My revenge will warn malígrina!"
Bladder Enrico Bettega is a former shoemaker, born on the outskirts of Naples. He moved to Brazil in the 30s, settling in the neighborhood of Bixiga in Sao Paulo. While living in Rio de Janeiro, Maracana even know. "Go bene!"
Bilac Biruta Scientist creates inventions exdrúxulas and calls itself a misunderstood genius. ""
Bilingui Farmer, Popo's father and owner of nearly all the land of Chico City. ""
Bim Bim Cearense Maranguape, rubs by anything that affects you. ""
Biu Northeast whose ideal is to divide Brazil into two major groups, with Bahia as a base. This character came from the book of Chico Anysio the Tietê the Wasteland. ""
Subject hefty football fanatic. His best friend is his dog George. ""
Hector Bonfa Bonfa is a saxophonist who has a crooked mouth and lives in the shadow of his wife, a famous opera singer. ""
Bonfim Old Man who hates his partner Boamorte (Olney Cazarré). However, already in his deathbed, both reveal the tricks they did to the other. ""
Boris Carnival [2] which uses all his savings to crossdress in

dances of the carnival. Has rivalry with another carnival (Cecil Thiré).
"It's debauchery, debauchery is ..."
Sergio Dias bozo Marine Magellan is supposedly the name Bozo, who says for everyone to be an employee of Rede Globo. His trademarks are the prominent teeth and stuttering. His girlfriend is Maria Angelica (Alcione Mazzeo), which also uses an eyeglasses with thick lenses [4]. "I-I work at the Globe, okay!?"
Brazuca Brasilino Basealdo da Conceição is known to all as Brazuca subject living doing odd jobs. "Because of that here ... Come on, Alligator!"
Bronco Billy Partner Bruce Kane in Westerns. Voiced by Waldyr Fiore. ""
Bruce Bruce Kane Kane is an actor who plays cowboys in western movies. Voiced by Antonio Patiño and Isaac Bardavid [5]. "I make myself clear!?"
"I'm Bruce Kane, Cincinnati, Ohio!"
Parody of the political fall Malufus Paulo Maluf. ""
Calheiros Gaudêncio Calheiros is the typical gaucho, married and father of Dona Elizete Wanderléia. "Bah, I do not know anything. From nothing, I loose my goat, but hold my goat."
"We are Class C, Class C!"
Walfrido Augusto Sugarcane Sugarcane is a corrupt businessman and politician, who has been mayor of Chico City [6]. Populist, always opens any public work, even if useless and ill-finished, to get rid of the criticisms of the people. It is the landlord of the building where she lives in Rio de Janeiro. It is admired and imitated by John Mocó (John Claudio Moreno). "People of Chico City ...!"
"But not today, because it is already there ouuutra expense."
Captain Thunder Eusebius Nepomuceno is a former torturer during the dictatorship, which is always rediscovering their victims [7], especially one: Raymond (Lawrence Cazarré). "Raymond ...!"
Armando Cascade Cascade is a clown who is partnered with his son Cascatinha (Castrinho). The table was so successful that Cascatinha, whose slogan was "My father, father!" Balloon Magic presented the program and own staff in other comedy shows. "My boy!"
A beggar sclerotic Celso Garcia, who lives under the bridge with his friend Vieira Souto. "Whoa ... my!"
Charles Westminster character who speaks a mix of English and Portuguese and that claims to be belonging to the English crown. "I'm Charles Westminster, The Third."
Chiquitim ventriloquist's dummy to see reality in a critical way. (This character was never recorded, was only on paper). ""
Cisso Romão Journalist corresponding newscast "Journal of the Wolf" in New York. ""
Millionaire Cleophas who was talking on the phone with the biggest celebrities in the world. Based on the book The Telephone Yellow Anysio Chico. ""
Curd Otavio Antunes Arlindo do Nascimento is a footballer squint, curly-haired, who has exhibited his football in several clubs, with the help of his manager, Mustache (Amândio Silva Filho). Featured in style "Socrates" (ace 80) Although if you find a star, is a leg-of-staff who lives defending the criticism from fans and sports commentators.
"But eh!?"
"Then they say that the curd is so that the curd is that ..."
Commander Alencar
Colonel Bezerra Bezerra Linnaeus is a farmer who has rivalry with his neighbor, Colonel Pantoja (Joe Smith). The hatred was mutual, but both hypocritically pretending to be friends. ""
Candinho Colonel Colonel who also talked with the Colonel Ventura (Antonio Carlos Pires) in metrificadas and rhyming phrases. ""
Colonel Lidu twin brother of Linnaeus, Lidu Bezerra is a farmer who has total control over the inhabitants of their city. "Very generous man, right Lightning?
Colonel John Person Lemon tree Lemon tree is a farmer who died of jealousy of his beautiful wife Maria Tereza (Monique Evans). "Maria Tereeeeza! That love me, love me so. People say that she married me because I have money, but ... That loves me!"
Colonel Lindomar
Luke clumsy banister that always hinders the escape plans of his companions. Your friend's Snowman (Lug de Paula). ""
Delegate Delegate Matoso corrupt Chico City, where people seek their police station to file a police report against them trambiqueiros harmed in some way, but such trambiqueiros always end up being freed immediately because they have a "right relationship" with this delegate. His dream is to enter the Federal Police. "I still end up in Federal ..."
Lily of the Divine John Divine Love is a spiritual guide who has no religion, gives preference to women in their query. Deceives the good faith of the people, with the help of his assistant Seraphim (Martim Francisco), posing as the leader of a religious sect. "Divine knows, God says."
"Divine healing, heals, purifies and ... hurt."
Mrs. Dede Deolinda Maria das Dores is a home always looking for employment, but without success. "Senhora do not, miss, I'm girl, girl girl."
Mrs. Ilaria Ilaria de Gouveia is an old Portuguese who, due to low intelligence, putting her husband live in Salustiano confusion. ""
Doctor Excellence
Dr. Rossetti Rossetti Carlindo Bravo is a businessman who hides homosexuality and his affair with plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Logulo Passion (Ariel Coelho / Leandro Hassum) [1]. "A jump seven and a half, embroidered with rhinestones ..."
Dr. Salgado Subject moralistic hardliners. "This is a brothel!"
The Esquerdinha political subversive. Then he returned to Chico City as Setembrino. ""
Flavio Miralski Critical musical that made participation in the 'Journal of the Wolf' ""
Flora Romão
Franciscan Friar Justino de Paula Assis, popularly known as Franciscan, a man is always willing to help and is always looking for people for help. "How do we change this ...!"
Political Suffrage Francisco that refutes the idea of becoming president. ""
Japanese Fukida having difficulties in mastering the English language. ""
Smoke Idalino is a Portuguese and Vasco, owner of the Boteco Idalino, known by its regulars as Boteco of Smoke, by which he dislikes being called. He received this nickname for smoking hidden from everyone. Gets very nervous when reciting and stops. "Any day that close and open a bank, which is much safer."
"Tatata tarariu!"
"Ah, Cabral, why have you discovered was that?"
Naive Gamação mechanic at night turns into Lord Black, mischievous false. ""
Gaston Gaston Franco is extremely stingy. He is married to Eddy Lammar (Selma Lopes / Agnes Fontoura) and is home owner Felinta (Tutu Guimarães). His sister Lana Turner (Estelita Bell) has the appearance of an elderly woman, but claims to have 37 years and knows things modern. She is married to Porto Seguro (Walter D'Avila). In one of the seasons (TV QCV), was a director and producer of a television station, where he discussed budgets with producer Cat (Nizo Neto). "Bread hard, no, I am controlled."
"Want to save, aft!"
Gualicho rustic character, a friend of Farewell. "Oh confusion, lamentozinho more 'intrapaiado'!"
Haddock Lobo
Harold Harold P. Crest is a personal trainer gay man who always tries in vain to go straight to the condition. However, it is always reminded of his former codename - Luana - his friend Leon (Paulette / Eduardo Martini). "Stop it, I'm Harold, the straight macho"
"Now I'm straight. Todinha I bite you!"
Doctor Hilary leaving her patients with their rolled inappropriate questions. ""
Honorius Kauser television news reporter "Wolf Journal", an expert on medical matters but always end up exchanging the names of body parts, by other names in their explanations. "Why look, look ..."
Jean Pierre Jean Pierre Nepomuceno Sugarcane Sugarcane is the cousin of Walfrido. Intellectual and middle-aged millionaire, lives in Chicópolis, the nearby town of Chico City. "Why, how cute ...!"
John Doe John Doe Doe is a beggar who often invade City Hall City of Chico at night to use the phone. "Are you looking at? It seems like you are somebody!"
Joca Ezekiel was the first character's name Prophet. ""
Jose Maria Aged that despite many years of living, still loves his wife Maria Jose (Camila Amado). ""
Young Jovelino Wenceslas dos Santos is a rebellious teenager. It is known as "Young" because of its name: OJ, and VEM Jovelino of Wenceslas. Do not like with his overprotective mother (Lupe Gigliotti) and is a friend of Cabuça (Marcelo Caridad). "Gee, Mom, I'm young!"
"It will look like a pussy, O, O!"
"Youth is another chat!"
Justo Justo Verissimo Verissimo de Santo Cristo is a corrupt politician [2] which has aversion to the poor. In the program Zorra Total, your safety is Cadelo (Nizo Neto), whose slogan is "I'm not ugly: I am exotic." "I hate the poor!"
"I want to explode poor!"
Juventino Sit There
Karlos Kafunga an anchor, with coryza newscast "Jornal do Lobo." ""
Kenny Rogers character created just for the hype of the bank. Just gaining ground in the 'States Anysios Chico CIty' ""
Ingot Ingot Dubom is an old hippie drug addict. He is the father of linguinha. "He said ... AiII, oh ...!"
"He hit for you?"
Linguinha soap opera character created for the child linguinha x Mr. Yes, linguinha is a hero who does not use a weapon and often puts his tongue out. His great enemy is Mr. Yes (Luiz Delfino), who wants to rule the world by air pollution and has the services of the gang of "Marajó", led by an extremely cruel boss (Iran Lima). He is the son of ingot [8]. ""
Lobato Butler and stunt driver who always gets the blame for the betrayal of her mistress. ""
Lobo Lobo Evilasio Son Son is a speaker who commands the radio program "Show the Wolf." He has presented the newscast "Journal of the Wolf" at the main station Chico City. "Lobo Filho, this friend of yours."
Lord Black Luiz Fernando is a frequenter of night life that always gets into trouble because of his Pretoria girlfriend (Marilu Bueno / Stella Davis). But by day he is a mechanic and is called Gamação. "Nega xexelenta ..."
"I'll blow that denies dale!"
Seller of coconut Bahia Maria do not like the work. ""
Mariano Mariano Rego dos Prazeres is a designer who has dressed the richest and most famous women in the world. It has a great relationship with his son Reginald, gay like him. "Póóóde ...? War frog!"
Marmo Carrara Delegate has, as a partner, Detective gay Menudo (Anthony Peter). "These are my honey-colored eyes ..."
"But why me? Soon I face with this man?"
Actor Mauricio Mauro television heartthrob, Robert's brother Alberto. ""
Meinha Alcidésio Veramundo Tupiniquim, known as Meinha, for wearing a stocking on his head, is a football player who left the team without expression in Brazil directly to Europe. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..." (Pouting)
Milton Range Broadcaster presenting the radio program typical of the 1950s, "The Show of the Milton Range," with live orchestra, led by conductor Besides Woody (Tim Rescala) and a female vocal trio, Trio Las Chatas. Also part of the program the soundman Tweet (Luiz Carlos Tourinho) and the announcers and Ciro Maria Goncilio Jatene. "Happy, happy, happy, happy ... with your audience!"
"Milton range is not soft!"
Mister Happy
Napoleon Medical jealous that means with all the friends of his wife Darci (Monica Martelli), believing that she is a lesbian and is having the affair with such friends. His wife always alert, saying that one day he will still end up hanging it. "I know what I'm doing."
"I still get the money to fix up my nose ..."
"For another man to be, but for another woman, never! Especially with that nose ..."
Nazarene Nazarene Louis of Divine Love is a public official who mistreats his wife Sofia (Leila Miranda / Thelma Reston), because it is very ugly [9]. In contrast, praising the Nazarene lives employed [2] (Monique Evans / Gisele Fraga). "Ca-la-da! Sit down!"
"This is not a woman ..."
"I was drunk at that time I drank ..."
"So many people are and do not know. I crazy to be and I can not!"
"Are you sorry? Takes you!"
"It will tell you not changed?"
Neyde Taubaté Taubaté Neyde Maria Aparecida is a television news presenter, the "Journal of the Wolf." "Wow ... Is not it?"
Nicanor Nicanor C.A.L. Osorio is a native of Sierra Hewn and lives complaining of his corn. "Oh, shut up! Oh, shut up! Amééééérica!"
Goodness Nico Antonio Bonifacio B. Lopes is a former clerk Pitangui small, mining town in the interior. Good man, lives experiencing the drama of finding a job, it is difficult to get a place in his age. "Oh my Jesuisinho! I can not lose this job!"
Olegario Rapp effeminate character who lived around with plastic dolls. ""
Olindo Olindo Holland is a poor tailor who spends all his money in carnival costumes. ""
Osvaldão Oswaldão Lion Rabbit is a banker, whose son Rodolfo (Philip Martin) dreams of becoming a dancer. ""
Father Miguel Father who will do anything to get to meet the faithful and always knows how to get rid of the wiles of the devil. ""
Painho Ruy All Saints is a father-of-saint homosexual [2], born in Bahia. Important people of Bahian society always request the services of Painho that he speaks the fate and future of each one through the shells. "Afffe, I'm dead!"
"I am by this doooido blackie."
Pantaleon Pantaleon Pereira Peixoto is a retiree who is always telling false stories. Lives in her rocking chair in the company of his wife Tertuliana (Suely May) and Peter Bo (Joe Lester), an adult child with posture [6] adopted by him. When his wife asks if he is lying that, in turn, did not dare contradict him and always guaranteed to be true. It has a dark glasses with one lens and one colorless. Its look is inspired by Dom Pedro II, while the voice is similar to the singer Luiz Gonzaga. His stories always take place in 1927 [10]. "It's a lie, Terta?"
"For good, on one occasion in 1927 ..."
Paul Brasilis parody journalist Paulo Francis, who made contributions in the 'Journal of the Wolf'. ""
Jeton Jeton Semuah Paul Paul is a senator who, despite hating Brasilia, lives running for the Senate. "Give me a hundred reasons for me to be in Brasilia. Cem did not give me one!"
Speaker Peter Strong terminating the program Total Chico, informing fake headlines the next program. "Joy, joy. Do as I do: sorrrria Techau ...!"
Apollonius of Popo Trunfas Pandolé and Pandolé museologist is a retiree, who claims to have 364 years of age, as a birthday every four years. It is the older brother Severino Pandolé, enemy of political Walfrido Sugarcane. Cranky, fighting with his friend lives Alpamerindo (Jomba / Francisco Dantas), which is always called a bastard. "You idiot! Iiidiota you!"
Primo Rico A man of high class, rich and elegant, owner of many goods. Always gets a visit from her cousin Poor (Brandão Filho) that tells you how difficult the lives of disadvantaged people. In turn, Primo Rico, says that his cousin not to waste time looking for it, whatever the need, but never have time to help. "Cousin, cousin, you are uuuótimo!"
Teacher Teacher Portuguese Beira Baixa physics, intricate plots elucidated. Character of the first crop of Chico, in the 60s. "Elementary!"
"I'll give you a deadly karate!"
Professor Hawk teacher to teach students aspiring to be comedians and always laughs at their skits. "The humor is a very easy thing to do: it has to be discreet."
Professor Raimundo Nonato Nepomuceno is a teacher who dedicated his life to teaching and, as typical Brazilian professor, is poorly paid [2]. "And the salary, O!"
"Go eat, Raimundo ..."
"It Vapt-whoosh!"
Jesuino prophet is a prophet of voice and paused, with white hair and whiskers and long, he taught his sayings. "You can rest at ease ..."
Subject always interrupted promised during his honeymoon. "Prometheus ... but not fulfilled!"
Who-Who is Christopher Bonaventure fanho a waiter. "Morro stiff, but not lose a pose."
Quirino Caipira married Nonoca (Suely May). ""
Roberval Taylor Main announcer Chico City dedicates poetry to women. It was also one of the presenters of the 'Journal of the Wolf'. "Roberval Tayyylorrr ... ..."
Taxi Wheel-stuck in Brasilia, which often discuss the political situation in the country with the passengers. ""
Romero Gordi parody of former secretary of labor during the Collor administration, Rogerio Magri. "In the midst ..."
Sacadura Sacadura Alvaralhão Bridges is an executive Portuguese, formed in Coimbra and extremely passionate about Leilinha (Périssé Heloise). "But that time I lost in Coimbra!"
Salome Salome Mary of the Annunciation is an old gaucho, born in Passo Fundo, chatting intimately with President Figueiredo calling him a kid, which had the name John the Baptist, the same as in the holy Bible had its head cut off to please the dancer Salome. "Barbaridade, Tchê!"
St. Elmo St. Elmo's Angels is a credulous and honestíssimo citizen, unable to tell one lie. It is quite devoted to his wife, Dona bountiful. "It has to be like I am: tough!"
"I do not know how to lie ..."
"O life!"
Savi Sevic The typical Jew. ""
Setembrino staunch Republican Opposition politician of Sugarcane in Chico City. "Hmm ... Minino, being herself but look!"
His Genaro
His Jayme Jayme Wenceslau Willow is the right arm of Dr. Amancio, a businessman married to the beautiful and adulterous Dona Berta. "Oh ..."
"Imp'sionante, imp'sionante!"
Pandolé Pandolé Severino Severino is one of Pandolé escrituário on the ecology and the younger brother of His Popo. "I'm the man of the birds!"
Onestaldo Veridiano Silva da Silva is a traveling salesman, born in Paraíba. Although be unsightly, it is beset by women. "Safadim, safadim bunitim ...!"
"Let there on the summit a panelada house smelling?"
Sudênio Northeastern traumatized by the drought, which could not hear anything that reminded him of the savanna. ""
Subject poor thing often betrayed by his wife. ""
Tan-Tan Tanio Joseph Cross is a schizophrenic subject, which believes the world is full of crazy. "There is only tan-ta! Just tan-ta!"
Altino Tavares Tavares da Cunha Belo is a trickster who lives in Rio drunk. He married Elisabeth's rich and ugly, which is called by him Cookie (Zeze M). "I am! ... But who is not?"
"Business is business."
Tetéu Telemachus Nogueira da Foz is a taxi driver who admires Reginaldo (Italo Rossi), a conqueror of women. "Hmmm ... Reginaldo! Reginaaaaldo!"
Tim Tones parody of evangelical pastors whose only interest is to collect offerings. The name refers to Jim Jones, a psycho American religious fanatic, who organized a mass suicide. Timothy Smith, as is known, has enriched his family by means of false sect that created it. "They can run the baggie ..."
"Peace Tim Tones is in every home."
Tulio Boccanegra Parody Silio Boccanera the reporter, is the international correspondent of the "Journal of the Wolf." Expessa had a black beard. ""
Tutóia with Corinthians Paulista accent, which always interrupts the filming of a studio. ""
Millionaire Tutu who has to deal with the adventures of the woman Dondoca (Marya Lucy Dahl) and the maid Tiete (Nacaratti Duse). ""
Urubulino [11] Subject pessimistic and foreboding, who always believe that everything will go wrong [12] [13]. Use black top hat and tails, resembling a vulture. "But it can get worse ..."
Valentino Rodolfo Valentino dos Santos is an innocent and shy boy, who lives being harassed by Lolita (Gisele Fraga), older than him. "I am a child, I'm not anything ..."
Zuza is Véio Teophilo old black Baptist who is always giving advice to the residents of Chico City. "Hehehe. The Véio see, my wire ..."
Vieira Souto John Paul Vieira Souto is a beggar who was once an ambassador, but ended up living under the bridge after he suffered a car accident, developing a kind of amnesia.