terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

Apropriação romântica de mensagens de spam

Enlarge Your Penis One

(Stolen verses from my gmail spam messages)

All the strength of my heart is going to you, pretty woman
If you choose to search a life of gorgeous moments, try to think at me
May be I am gonna be one of your best options these days
May be we will be the best receptionists for ourselves
Why not to share our beds in good and bad times with a beautiful
love that is inside us?
I feel you can and want do that.
Don't loose your chance to win my real interest...

Enlarge Your Penis Two

(Stolen verses from my gmail spam messages)

Nothing makes a man more confident than divide confidence with the beloved woman
You will feel more pleasure than ever because we are going to live a
special time
We are the ultimate convenience in hopes and hapinness
I am quite sure you are the most pure kind of kindness
It would be so nice if you loose all scares immediately

Enlarge Your Penis Three

(Stolen verses from my gmail spam messages)

Break free from isolation once and for all
I communicate my love in this publlic declaration
Start kissing me and you won't regret
We will learn how to keep our love life in the same tune
Its time to completely eradicate our insecure way of not loving
Show me your intentions and I will keep the mood of an eternal lover
Don't you think we are just beggining to live the most extent and
lovely time of happiness?
Believe me
I fall in love the first day I saw you.

By Alfredo Herkenhoff