quinta-feira, 3 de junho de 2010

Louise Bourgeois: aqui a íntegra do documentário

Uma pétala é uma pétala é uma pétala é um petardo!
(By myself, in 1973)

A morte de Louise Bourgeois renova as possibilidades da qualidade do silêncio. Seu corpo vai para o ventre da Terra-Mãe neste Corpus Christi daqui a poucas horas .

Eureka, descobri o link da íntegra do documentário de 1 hora e 40 minutos sobre Louise Bourgeois. Depois de longuíssimos instantes, escarafunchando Youtube e Google Video, descobri no equivalente japonês o tão ansiado endereço. O Youku é mágico: vamos ver agora o documentário Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress and the Tangerine, de 2008, direção de Marion Cajori e Amei Wallach:

Eis o caminho para ver na íntegra... Wonderful:>


Sobre a artista, Stella Vine comentou no The Guardian

Louise Bourgeois is one of the greatest ever artists. So few female artists have been recognised as truly important, and you have to be really strong and brave to last as long as she has. It's incredible: she's known all these great men and outlived them all. It wasn't really until that sinister fairytale in the Tate's Turbine Hall in 2000 - the incredible-looking glasses and windy stairs, and the spider - that I became seriously interested in her. I walked in and just gasped and went, 'This is for me.' I love the juxtaposition of sinister, controlling elements and full-on macho materials with a warm, nurturing and cocoon-like feminine side. I gather she's had to deal with a lot of anger, jealousy and rage in her past but she still treats the female and the male with love and compassion - there's no silly anti-male thing in her work. You're allowed to feel in its presence. If I had to choose one thing she's done it would be one of the enormous penises, which I've always wanted to pick up and touch when the security guards weren't looking. They're tender and full of passion and love, and there's a little bit of comedy in there. ”